About Us

Arrae Health: Personalized Senior Primary Care

Tired of clearing your schedule for the entire day for a primary care doctor’s appointment, but feeling less than satisfied at the end of your visit. Whether it is long wait times, distracted office staff and providers, or confusing and incomplete advice about your health care concerns, we are here to show you that there is a different approach to your doctor’s office. One that places the patient at the center.

At Arrae Health, we want to reintroduce the human touch and personal attention of yester years into your primary care experience. We want to focus on the patient. We want to focus on what the patient is saying, how they are living and feeling, and what health goals they are looking to achieve. We want to give people access to their medical team. Your medical team should know you, and know why you are in the office. They should CARE about you.  We want people to know and feel that we care about them.  Appointments should also be easy to make and timely. 

Essentially, we created a clinic for our own family and want to include the community to experience a different way of practicing primary care.

Why Choose Us?

Timely Appointments

Yes, you read it right. You can book timely appointments. We offer in-person and virtual visits.

Personalized Primary Care

Our medical team will deliver personalized primary care, catering to the needs of each patient individually.

Dedicated Care Team

Each patient will have a dedicated care team committed to ensuring their health needs are met.

Regular follow-ups

We want to check-in with our patients regularly to monitor and respond to changes in patients’ needs.

Engagement in a Personal and friendly environment

We want you to know that we consider and respect your thoughts and opinions, and by doing so, we strive to make you feel empowered about your health, with our dedicated team being of assistance every step of the way. Our main goal lies in the recovery and maintenance of your health at its optimal condition.

Care Coordination with Specialist(s)

When permitted, we will organize patient care activities and share information among relevant parties and specialists, concerning the patient’s care to achieve safer and more effective care. All parties involved in a patient’s healthcare should be working towards the same goals.